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Ben Wayne and Jess Novak Collaborate on '99 

"The acoustic pop duo of Ben Wayne and Jess Novak have just delighted their fans with their new song, "'99." The result is truly magnificent....This brilliant duo manages to unite the male and female voices in a simply perfect duet. It's a sound worth checking out."

Syracuse-area artists with new music in 2022: Add some local to your playlists

"spectator" was featured on the list of local music released in 2022. Check the list for more great local music. 

"Priorities" featured on The Rundown

"Sometimes I write songs by recording a rough track of a musical idea and mumbling to it before I have actual words. I was mumbling to this idea one day and my fiance over heard it, loved it and asked what it was, but it wasn’t anything yet. So, I wrote words to it...."

"Carousel" - An Acoustic Solo Filled with Beauty

Ben Wayne opens his heart and presents his counterpoints and shaken feelings in "Carousel", a single in voice and guitar that impresses with Ben's vocal skill and beautiful timbre, in addition to his dexterity on the strings. A song for those who like romantic ballads and full of emotion. 

Please Pass the Indie Review of "Carousel"

"It is clear that Ben Wayne and Jess Novak have uncovered the perfect collaboration, blending two streams of talent that combine seamlessly into a song that will touch you in the most genuine way. “Carousel” consists of lyrics that come from a true sense of love, and musicianship that comes straight from the soul."

IndieSpoonful Review of "After All"

"Safe Word is the artistic talent of Ben Wayne and Jess Novak. “After All”, off their album Rise. captivates listeners with a soulful groove, expressive lead vocals, powerful vocal harmonies, and a dynamic instrumental arrangement."

Jess Novak New EP "Rise" with Ben Wayne

Jess Novak and Ben Wayne have been performing together since 2018. Brought together as a couple, the musicians’ relationship grew through their songs.

"Rise" CD Release Party

Read and see a recap of the CD Release Party held at The Ridge in Chittenango. 

Jess Novak and Ben Wayne Release Rise

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists Jess Novak and Ben Wayne will release Rise in October 2019. The four-song EP features tunes recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with the help of producer Bill Warner and songwriter Kirsti Manna, best known for her work with Blake Shelton.

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